Board Member, Officer & Committee Responsibilities

Board of Directors
* Appoint and oversee all members of the various working committees
* Determine dollar amounts and terms of "scholarship" awards to the current year's graduating seniors
* Oversee and approve all fund raising activities of the organization

* Preside at all meetings of the membership and board of directors

Vice President
* Preside at any meetings where the president is unavailable

* Keep minutes of all meetings of the membership and board of directors
* Maintain a current roll of all members of the organization
* Solicit membership dues on an annual basis and submit any moneys to the organization's Treasurer
* Provide notice to members of the board of directors of all meetings
* Generate or approve all correspondence pertaining to the organization's business affairs and public relations effort

* Serve as custodian of all organizational funds
* Develop annual budgets for operating expenses and "scholarship" awards
* Report as requested by the board of directors on all activities related to income,expenses and earnings  relative to the organization's funds
* Disburse "scholarship" funds as outlined in the eligibility and reimbursement procedures
* Participate with the Investment Committee in directing endowment moneys to appropriate investment  alternatives

Funding Committee
* Initiate and conduct all fund raising activities approved by the board of directors

Selection Committee
* Ensure that all eligible graduating seniors are made aware of the availability of "scholarships" and  program rules
* Select successful applicants for the annual awards and publicize the results of these determinations
* Report activities of the selection process to the board of directors

Investment Committee
* Develop operating and investment guidelines for stewardship of the organization's Endowment Fund
* Evaluate appropriate Endowment Fund investment alternatives and deploy these assets in conjunction with the organization's Treasurer
* Report as requested by the board of directors on this committee's activities