Reimbursement Procedures

Applying for Reimbursement: The first opportunity to seek reimbursement for qualifying* tuition expenses begins upon successful completion of the first full year of post-secondary studies. Completion of the first year must be accomplished within 12 months from high school graduation and must have met the requirements outlined in the eligibility section of the program summary provided all students when they applied for the program.

Procedures & Documentation: Obtaining reimbursement under the program is a relatively simple two step process. The first step consists of forwarding a copy of a tuition bill (for the period that corresponds to the reimbursement period) to the program administrator (address listed below). On this bill, the amount of reimbursement requested should be clearly outlined. To avoid ambiguity, a brief cover letter summarizing the requested reimbursement amount is strongly suggested. This documentation must be submitted to the program administrator no later than 30 days after the start of classes for the period of reimbursement. Unclear requests or those postmarked more than 30 days following the start of classes will not be considered. Initial requests for reimbursement under this program must include documentation supporting the full load and C average (or better) cumulative grade point average requirement.

Upon completion of the course/s for which reimbursement is sought, the applicant must forward a copy of that period's grades (document issued by the institution) which evidences attainment of a C or better. This second document will be accepted as late as 90 days after the end of classes for the period. Given all of the requirements outlined are met and that supporting documentation is appropriate, reimbursement should be received within 30 days.

Requests for reimbursement along with documentation should be forwarded to the address listed below:

COLEG - Tuition Reimbursement Program Administrator
P.O. Box 217
Lancaster, MN 56735-0074

Multiyear Awards: All documentation, procedures, and other requirements listed above which cover a single year reimbursement period also apply to multiyear awards.

Non-Continuous Enrollment Covering Multiyear Awards: A multiyear award recipient must satisfy the first year requirement (completion within 12 months of graduation) just like single year reimbursement designees. Once that requirement is met, the multiyear award recipient is eligible to apply for reimbursement in each of the subsequent periods outlined at the time of the award. Continuous enrollment is not a requirement once the initial first year requirement is met.

For example, if a multiyear recipient received an award covering years 2 through 4, not attending or applying for reimbursement during year 2 would not affect eligibility for the remaining periods (years 3 and 4).  Likewise, if the recipient did not attend either year 2 or 3, they would still be eligible for year 4.

Regardless of the reason for absence, as long as the full-time enrollment and cumulative "C" average or better requirements are met; the multiyear award recipient remains eligible for the specified period. Eligibility periods are outlined at the time of the award and furnished to each successful applicant individually.

Under no circumstances will the eligibility periods designated at the time of the award be extended.  In other words, not attending during a year/s of the eligibility period will not have the affect of extending the time for reimbursement.   For example, if a multiyear award recipient chooses not attend school during year 3, the ability to receive reimbursement for that period is forfeited.  However, the ability to receive reimbursement during year 4 remains intact, providing the initial award designated the recipient was eligible in year 4. And, of course providing all other requirements are met.

The reason for the absence (non-continuous enrollment) has no bearing on eligibility for reimbursement.

Important Note: The COLEG Tuition Reimbursement Program is supervised by the board of directors of the Community of Lancaster Education Group. They reserve the right to alter the program, eligibility or the award procedure. At their complete discretion, they may also discontinue any and all awards at any time and for any reason.

Please follow the procedures

The membership of the Community of Lancaster Education Group is committed to higher education for the benefit of area students and the community of Lancaster. However, regulations and tax implications relative to nonprofit corporations such as COLEG make it imperative that rules of eligibility and disbursement procedures are strictly followed. The Board of Directors of COLEG and its members are intent on maintaining this nonprofit status and will do everything within their charter and operating procedures to comply with these requirements. Given this, a few helpful hints are provided below to assist applicants of the Tuition Reimbursement Program in successfully applying for and obtaining the reimbursement funds they have been awarded.

Is this your second year of post-secondary education?
The COLEG Tuition Reimbursement Program covers second up through the fourth year of continuing education. The term and amounts for each year are outlined and provided to the successful applicant upon graduation from Lancaster High School.

Is this your first request for reimbursement?
If it is, remember to send a copy of your first year transcript which supports the fact that you have carried a full load of classes for that year as defined by the institution and have maintained a C average or better on a cumulative basis.  More documentation is better in this case, since the program administrator may deny your request if insufficient proof of qualification is provided.

No later than 30 days after the start of classes...
Send a copy of your tuition bill to the program administrator along with the amount of reimbursement you are requesting.  A cover letter outlining this amount is strongly suggested.

No later than 90 days after the end of classes...
Send a copy of your grade transcript to the program administrator.

Need clarification or more information?
If you need clarification about any aspect of the program rules and eligibility, do not hesitate to contact the program administrator as soon as possible. While every attempt will be made to provide answers, the deadlines and program rules will not be altered based upon a question that accompanies requests for reimbursement.  If there is any doubt on the part of the applicant, this clarification should be requested well in advance of impending time limits for reimbursement.

* Expenses that qualify under the program are tuition and books required by the institution. This program does not cover other fees, computer hardware or software, room, board or other miscellaneous charges.