Board & Committee Make-up

To ensure continuity of operation, the 9-member board has staggered 3-year terms. This means that every year, 3 members of the COLEG's board of directors will be up for reelection. Board members are listed below along with any additional duties and the year in which their term will expire.

Term Expires Individual - Office/Committee

2025             Dianne Rice - President
2026             Crystal Peterson - Vice President
2024             Debbie Groves - Secretary
2025              Shelly Westerberg - Treasurer & member of the Investment Committee
2024             Bob Laude - Member of the Investment Committee
2025              Bruce Nielsen - Chairman of the Investment Committee
2024             Eloise Browne - Board member
2026             Lorna Hemmes - Board member
2026              Kristin Steen - Chairperson of the Selection Committee

The individuals and organizations which determine which student applicants receive "scholarship" awards from the COLEG are listed below. Since they are appointed by the board of directors, their terms do not expire. The board of directors reserves the right to remove any and all appointed members for any reason at any time.

Selection Committee
Kristin Steen - Chair
Eloise Browne
Brad Homstad
Chelsi Langehaug
Ryan Nelson
Julie Nordin
Heidi Olsonawski
Mike Whitlock
Jason Weleski, American Legion Post 214 & Auxiliary

Investment Committee
Bob Laude
Bruce Nielsen
Shelly Westerberg

Debbie Groves

Web Editor

Anne Dalbey