Letters from our Membership

We get quite a few letters from our members and from time to time we will share them with you. Most express support for the work of the COLEG, its board and committee volunteers. On many occasions alumni and friends share a fond memory of their time at Lancaster School or of their experiences within the community. We hope you enjoy and feel free to pass along your own school memories and comments about our organization's work and mission.

October 2013
From: Rick Hugg ~ "Thank you for the work that all of you do to encourage and assist the young people."

From: Janice (Bylund) Bloom ~ "Thanks for all your work for this cause."

From: Connie Bernstrom ~ "Thank you for all your good works!"

From: Rebecca (Norland) Haskell ~ "Keep up the good work!"

November 2011
From Helen Hallgren  ~  "Thanks for all of you who do such a great job!!!"

From: Nancy L. Langseth ~ "My Mom, Carol McMillan Erickson, loved to visit about her Lancaster days. They were happy times and I, too, think of Lancaster with great fondness."

From: Cindy Sandahl ~ "Thank you for continuing this wonderful endeavor."

December 2010 - From Jerry Norland (1957)

"I am thankful each year that COLEG is available for students graduating from LHS. A small community can only support so many new jobs, therefore, the students need an avenue for developing new skills that improve their lives. Lancaster can be proud of their continued efforts."

December 2010 - From Mary Lou (Murray) Sateren

"Thanks to all for a great organization/accomplishments."

September 2009 - From Harold Spilde (1944) who resides in Seattle

"Continue the good work."

September 2009 - From Dorothy (Olson) Vilen (1933)

"This small gift in in memory of my husband and 2 sons who are dead.  I am living in Hopkins with my 2 daughters.  I will soon be 95 years old, and will be buried in Lancaster with the rest of my family."

February 2009 - From Danika Kent (2005) who received the Wilebski Norland Scholarship

Dear Members of COLEG,

"Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for the support you’ve given me throughout my college education.  In May, I will graduate with degrees in Animal Science and  Equine Science from UMC, and Animal Production from Tarleton State University.   This accomplishment, along with all of the amazing opportunities  I’ve experienced along the way, would not have been possible without your generosity.  I am truly blessed to be able to call Lancaster home and be associated with its wonderful community.  Thanks Again."


Danika Kent

February 2009 - From Rick Hugg (1965) who currently resides Hagerstown, Maryland

"Thanks for all that you do for education."

September 2008 - From Beth (Peterson) Korczak (1975) who currently resides in Bemidji, Minnesota

"Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing in raising money for scholarships for students of Lancaster.  Education is the key that has opened the door to every opportunity I have ever had.  The community of Lancaster was a great place to grow up."

October 2007 - From Connie (Hugg) Bergs (1958) who resides in Belle Plaine, Minnesota

"Thank you so much for the fine work you are doing to promote and distribute funds.  I appreciate receiving your newsletter.  Many Thanks."

October 2007 - From Cindy (Carlson) Sandahl (1975) who resides in Warroad, Minnesota

"Thank you all for the great job you are doing!"

June 2007 - From Carley (Peterson) Engwall (1944).

"Thanks for all your good work!  Very impressive.  I just talked with Pat (Johnson) Porhad (Class of 44 - also Glenn Sanner & Gloria (Singler) Bernstrom) and we laugh as we recalled the disaster of our graduation at the City Hall when the storm came and all the lights in town went out!"

January 2007 - From charter member Rick Schmiedeberg (1971) who lives with his wife Marie (1973) in Warren, Minnesota.

"Please  apply the enclosed $500 memorial for Joyce & Harold Schmiedeberg where needed.  Thank you for all that you do!"

The Schmiedeberg Family

December 2006 - From Nancy Langseth, daughter of Carol (McMillan) Erickson (1936) along with a memoriam for her mother

"My Mom, Carol McMillan Erickson had many wonderful memories of her hometown and school experiences.  She grew up in a two story house across the street from the school.  She was a cheerleader and my daughter Annie has her letter "L".  I took Mom to the all school reunion in 1995 where she had such a good time, as did I.  We toured the school, were invited into the house where she grew up, and best of all she and her best friend Helen, were able to spend a lot of time together.

I am president of the Minot Public School Board as well as our Minot Public School Foundation.  I appreciate your efforts.  I don't know if you have a historical display in your school - but I thought you should have the valedictorian's speech from 1936 (Mom's class).  I am also enclosing a picture of my Grandmother McMillan and my Mom (left), Aunt Florence, and Aunt Margaret - all proud graduates of Lancaster High School.  My Aunt Florence married Henry Sunderland (who was supt. in Lancaster for a few years.)  My Aunt "Flo" was 15 years older than my Mom and Uncle Henry was 12 years older than Aunt "Flo" (were more like grandparents to me!)  I do have a picture of my Mom's class (3rd grade?) & others.  I would make copies if you would want them."

October 2006 - From Dorothy (Olson) Vilen (1933) who currently resides in Hopkins, Minnesota.

"Dear Friends, I know I've neglected to contact you for a while.   It's not easy for me to write anymore, as I have arthritis in my hands, but I'm soon 92 years old and very thankful I can write at all.  I graduated in the class of 1933.  Out of 17 there are still 4 living.  I was married to David Vilen and we lived on the Sundberg farm and worked for 43 years.  We had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  My husband and the boys passed away many years ago.  And, now I live here in Hopkins with my daughter Debbie.  My other daughter, Jeanette, Lives in New Hope and she is retired from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.  I have 4 granddaughters and 4 great grandchildren who live in this area.  I'm always telling my children how great the Lancaster School is and that it is still going strong when others have had to close.  Our class reunions and gets together over the years real often.  The classmates of mine that still are living are as follows:  Ruth (Norland) Wilebski - Lancaster, Grace (Homstad) Brown - California, Mildred (Larson) Olson - Saint Paul, Dorothy (Olson) Vilen - Hopkins.  I get the Hallock paper and enjoy Lancaster news and sports.  My best wishes to Lancaster Schools."

October 2006 - From Shirley (Nordling) Erickson (1952) who lives in Chicago.

"I moved to Minneapolis in 1948 for high school (Minnehaha Academy).   In 1954 I moved to Chicago with my folks Gust & Svea (Hoglin) Nordling.   Got married, lived in 12 different states and India.  We have 3 children (North Carolina, Illinois, & Michigan), 9 grandchildren, yet Lancaster is and will always be a part of me.  Thanks!  So happy that Lancaster is doing so well.   We were there to celebrate the 100th."

October 2006 - From Becky (Norland) Haskell who resides with her husband Jim in Bemidji, Minnesota.

"Thanks for the updates!  Way to go COLEG!  Way to go, Lancaster!"

September 2006 - From Rita (Peterson) Wilwant (1964) who lives in Lancaster.

"Our family is working toward having the fifth generation graduate at LHS.  My paternal grandmother, Myrtle (Peterson) Murray (1921), my mother Evelyn (Adolfson) Peterson (1945), myself (1964), my sons Mark (1986) and Mitch (1991).  And now my grandchildren are coming up.  They are step grandchild Tamara Barge (2009), grandchildren Haley Wilwant (2015) and Katie Wilwant (2018).  LHS has been really good to us.  Hope it's still going strong when my girls get there."

September 2006 - From Orielle Norland (1943) who lives in Bemidji, Minnesota.

"Thanks for the newsletter.  I enjoy keeping in touch.  My only wish was that I would have been a better student.  The opportunity was there.   The school and village provided me a wonderful opportunity to be involved in sports (basketball and baseball) which I still enjoy watching."

September 2006 - From Grant Johnson who now lives in Windom, Minnesota.

"We have lived in Windom since 1971.  I worked at Blooming Prairie, Forest Lake, and Ada with the Federal Land Bank (Farm Credit Services) before transferring to Windom.  I did farm real estate appraisals after retirement until last year.  I taught Vo-Ag and 7th and 8th grad shop at Lancaster from 1958-1960.   My wife, Dorothy, taught Home Ec at Forest Lake and in Jackson County.  We have four children that live in Idaho, Minnesota, and Colorado."

April 2006 - From Yvonne (Davis) Knutson (1955) along with her membership check and a contribution, and more postage stamps.  Yvonne resides in Dayton, Minnesota.

"Thanks for the Great Job you all do!  I am so proud to have graduated from LHS!"

January 2006 - From Jerry Norland (1957) who lives with his wife Sandy in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He has been a very generous contributor since our organization was incorporated in late 2001.

"Please renew my annual membership.  If possible use the other $25 to pay an annual membershp for a class of "57" member that has not previously subscribed**.  This way they may continue in the future.  I am impressed with the progress of the fund and the excellent reporting of results.  It can only enhance participation.  I have relayed the story of COLEG to some financial "experts" and they comment on how rare this happens."

** We took the liberty of "joining" his classmate and friend Doctor Roland Larter on his behalf for the 2006 campaign.

December 2004 - From Donna (Norland) Chisum (1950) regarding our year end report and greetings of the season.  Donna lives with her husband (M.C.) in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Thanks..... we are always lifted in mind and spirit, when we realize there are so many "good people", with such a small area of the good old USA represented.   Just think how much our world could be changed if more of us who live in the good old USA, could shift our transmissions into the "GIVING MODE" and shift out of our "give me mode".  Your efforts are appreciated.

June 2004 - From Nancy Hugg (1967), the spokesperson for her family in terms of administration of the lump-sum endowment that funds the John & Ann Hugg scholarship. Nancy works at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities.

Thank you for the email - it is so exciting to see the list of scholarships growing and growing! You are all doing a fantastic job. And during these times of rising tuition costs and uncertain funding for higher education, it is proving more important for students to have support from many sources in order to go on to college. It really makes me proud of my home town. It does take a village to raise a child and you are doing your part! Congratulations!

Great picture too - I appreciated getting that. See you in July.

December 2003 - From Mary Lou (Murray) Sateren (1960). As a new member, Mary Lou also made a contribution in memory of her mother, sister, and brother-in-law.   She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

"Enclosed is my check for $225. This is for my membership in COLEG and a contribution in memory of my family. My mom, Milly Murray (Stanislawski) graduated from LHS in 1929, and she also was the school secretary during the 50's - 70's years. She loved the school, teachers, activities, etc. That was a very positive time in her life. I also want to honor the memory of my dear sister, Marge Murray (Glad) and my special brother (in-law) Frank Glad. They were LHS sweethearts, graduated in 1959, and were married a couple years later. I graduated in 1960, so for 11 years we three walked those halls together. LHS, love, and life kept us close, miles kept us apart, and cancer stole them from me. Memories keep them all in my heart!

May this small contribution add to the COLEG fund and be of financial assistance to a deserving LHS graduate."