Selection Committee Procedures

Committee Composition: The Selection Committee is made up of a chairperson and community members appointed by the COLEG's board of directors. The Board of Directors has complete discretion over appointments and removals of committee members.

Responsibilities: The Selection Committee is responsible for providing applicants with scholarship award eligibility requirements in a timely manner, consistent with program rules. This committee is responsible for evaluating and selecting individuals to receive scholarship awards on behalf of the COLEG. Their decisions are final.   Members of this committee shall be held blameless for all actions related to these assigned duties and assume no personal liability.

Conflicts of Interest: Members of the committee who may have a close relationship to any of the scholarship applicants or other potential conflicts of interest are asked to make these situations immediately known to the chair.  It is the responsibility of both the chair and the committee member to determine if the above-mentioned relationship could present a potential conflict of interest. Where such situations exist, the committee member is strongly encouraged to abstain from the award determination process. The committee's chair has the ultimate responsibility for determining whether the above mentioned member shall participate in the award selection process and to what extent.

Reporting: The Selection Committee will report yearly activity and the results of scholarship award selections to the Board of Directors of the COLEG on an annual basis. The committee will also develop and maintain a record of their meetings via minutes.